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India’s trusted Digital Media Creative Production company Trinetraa Production has been a pioneer in the field of Video Stories, Photography and Publications. We have worked on various project including Documentaries, TV Programs, Advertisements, Viral Videos, events, fashion portfolios & Creative Campaigns. Trinetraa Productions works with businesses like yours. We create professional, engaging films for the private, public and third sector. From commercial video production to training videos, film editing to web video marketing, we offer a huge range of quality video production services to bring your business to life. From video for small business to corporate video production for multinationals, Trinetraa Production show reel is the envy of other production companies. We offer a range of video production packages for all businesses and budgets. Our affordable video production package is great for SME video, providing a half-day of filming, HD & Film Quality 4K camera and editing to make your project a success. Our largest package offers scratch india to full Script & screen. No matter your project, from staff training videos to marketing campaigns, our experienced crew creates stunning, professional films that speak volumes about your company.


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Meet the Team

The company talents

Akash Deep Pandit

Executive Editor

Akash Deep Pandit

Chander Kant Dwivedi

Chief Creative Photographer

Chander Kant Dwivedi

Neha Ghai Pandit

Executive Producer

Neha Ghai Pandit

Pratiksha Solenky

Social Management

Pratiksha Solenky


Himalayas to Beaches

Trinetra Production Showreel 2016 provides you a look on our work ranging from Himalayan terrain to Seaside beaches where we have produced numerous av's on various topics as per client specifications.

Our Approach

We believe in Quality. That's the only mission we have.

We believe in Relationship. That's the only vision we see.

We believe in Services. That's the only aim we work.


Our mission is to create India's most stunning Creative items in each category of Imagery, Animations and Av's.

  • Creative Profiling
  • Corporate Showreel
  • Brand Promotional content
  • Social Promotional Content
  • Events and Entertainment
  • Documentaries
  • Short Films
  • Powerful Musical Shows

Our Clients

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Trinetraa Production is packed with creative features

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